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a588a572 steel company




The A588 & A572 Steel Company Central Office

 133 Sebago Lake Dr.
 Sewickley, Pa,  15143
 Phone: (412) 366-1980
 Fax: (412)366-3780

 The A588 & A572 Steel Company is a long established service center offering the best quality system to provide completely mill traceable A588 and A572 grade of domesticangles,channels,square bars, flat bars,round bars,beams,plates and sheets. We offer over 50 years of experience in the high strength low alloy market.

 It is our purpose and goal to provide competitively priced high strength low alloy products (A588, A572,A709-50,A709-50W, and A606TY4) to the steel industry. In today's fast pace times, our goal is to offer the type of service that provides peace of mind for our customers. Our customers are sure of getting the quality product, paper work, expedited delivery and follow-up they deserve when they come to The A588 & A572 Steel Company.
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